How to Balance Wellness with Your Daily Demands

Are exercise, healthy foods, and enough sleep right up there with job goals and financial plans in your daily efforts? Do you consistently make room for healthy habits, or is it always  a struggle? I love the idea of doing early morning yoga. But too often, it is just too tempting to sleep a little […]

How to Relax Your Hamstrings and Ease Your Back

With hamstrings one bad thing can lead to another. The hamstrings run in the back of the thighs. When this muscle tightens it restricts motion in the pelvis and increases stress across the lower back, sabotaging posture in the process. Stretching the hamstrings can gradually lengthen them and reduce a great deal of stress in […]

How Chiropractic Stepped Up and Why You Should Care

Chiropractic is an old/new concept in today’s health conscious world. But now it has been singled out by the medical community, where it has been selected as a “ conservative first choice” for the treatment of pain. Stepping up when pain strikes, ahead of prescription pain pills from the doctor or elective surgery, chiropractic is […]