How to Relax Your Hamstrings and Ease Your Back

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With hamstrings one bad thing can lead to another. The hamstrings run in the back of the thighs. When this muscle tightens it restricts motion in the pelvis and increases stress across the lower back, sabotaging posture in the process.

Stretching the hamstrings can gradually lengthen them and reduce a great deal of stress in the lower back.

Wellness Tune-Ups

If you feel like your body could use an overall tune-up, including hamstrings, this might be the time to visit your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic.

Tune-ups at the Joint give you all of the benefits of whole person wellness keeping your heath up-and-running, and providing assistance whenever needed if pain shows up.

When you visit, you will find a patient-centered wellness clinic that is ready to focus on the health of your spine, which is really the command center for everything you do. The spine houses your delicate nervous system, which connects your brain and body to make everything work.

After a discussion of your activities, and a review of your medical history, a full spinal adjustment will be used to assess your spinal health, looking for misalignments, known as subluxations.

When misalignments are corrected, far-reaching effects may help reduce pain in your back, neck or sciatica. This improved alignment may then help with treatment of allergies, TMJ, arthritis, and headaches.

You may also experience more energy, more focus, and better metabolism, almost a whole person reboot.

You may want to try out regular 15-minute weekly visits to keep all of the good things going.  In the tune-up process, you may also want to try these hamstring tune-ups from

  • Standing Stretch – Stand up straight and bend forward at the waist letting arms hang down. Touch your toes if you can but do not strain. Stop when you feel a stretch in the hamstring.
  • Chair Stretch – Sit on a chair and place legs straight in front of you on another chair. Reach toward your toes one leg at a time. This could be done sitting flat on a mat too.
  • Towel Stretch – Lie on the floor and pull the leg up and straighten by holding onto a towel wrapped behind the foot. Do one leg at a time.
  • Wall Stretch – Lie on the floor with bottom against a wall. Place the foot against the wall and push the knee straight.

Hamstring stretches done over time will reduce stress on the lower back. Use them daily morning and evening. Hold stretches 30 to 45 seconds.

As your pursue your tune-ups, The Joint Chiropractic, your local clinic, will be ready when you are. The hassle of insurance and fixed appointments have been eliminated. Instead, The Joint provides an affordable care program and walk-in visits with flexible weekday, weekend and evening hours. See you there.


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