Is Chiropractic the Missing Element in Your Health Picture?

pictue of familyHealth news blends right into our evening news as we learn about one medical breakthrough after another. Most of us watch for items that fit us and go from there as we put together our personal and family health care routines.

But now, chiropractic may be the missing element that we need to examine more closely.

The medical community now endorses chiropractic as the conservative first choice for pain, ahead of prescription pain pills or surgery, and NIH, the National Institutes of Health, has spotlighted chiropractic in its “Pathways to Pain” 2014 report.

As opiates flood our communities, claiming victims of all ages, and increasing numbers of older members of our population face chronic pain issues, the need for natural drug-free choices is critical.

That’s where chiropractic comes in.

Looking Closer

In your community your local clinic, The Joint Chiropractic, is busy every day, working with everyone from children to seniors, helping them get the most out of their daily routines to stay safe and well for the long haul.

Licensed chiropractors offer a comprehensive wellness clinic that focuses on the health of your spine, which houses the central nervous system that commands everything you do. 

The chiropractor starts with a spinal adjustment to check your spine for misalignments, which may trigger all sorts of health and pain issues. When those misalignments are corrected, far-reaching effects may be realized in neck, back and sciatica pain. Then future efforts to help allergies, TMJ, and headaches, may also have new success.

In the process, your chiropractor will want to talk about your daily activities, specific pain issues, and medical history.

Together, the two of you can focus on an ongoing wellness plan that fits you.  Along the way, more energy, better sleep, and new motivation to eat healthy and workout more may all emerge.

Success Stories

I have seen friends, relatives and co-workers use the chiropractic to their advantage. They drop in when a painful twinge shows up, bring in kids when sports injuries strike, and bring in seniors to help them sort out pain and safety prevention issues helping to keep them active and involved.

If this sounds like a component that you would like to use on a regular basis, stop in at The Joint Chiropractic soon. Fixed appointments have been eliminated, letting you stop by when it works for you. Weekday, weekend and evening hours are all available.

The hassle of insurance has been eliminated, as The Joint leads the nation with a popular affordable care plan that makes chiropractic available to everyone.

See you at The Joint.


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