Losing Your Grip on Neck, Back or Shoulder Pain? Chiropractic Can Help

pixture of womanGetting up every morning with pain can undermine your whole day. It is tough enough just to get breakfast going and get everyone out the door. If pain has become part of your morning equation, don’t wait, see your chiropractor and get help.

Licensed chiropractors are trained to identify aching or throbbing pain and find solutions.

Day to day work habits, accidents, pregnancy, even overloaded handbags, can all be culprits. Neck pain can stem from slouching, slumping, or extended work time hunched over a screen.

Shoulder pain often comes from arthritis or overuse.

Low back pain can begin with a fall or careless lifting of heavy objects.

Upper back pain may show up as a constant feeling of tension and pain in the middle of the back. Sometimes the pain radiates to the chest. Or a sudden twist may trigger intense shooting pain.

See your chiropractor for answers.

The Joint Chiropractic, has licensed chiropractors who are ready to diagnose your pain and help you find solutions. First, the chiropractor will ask about your schedule and your symptoms.

Using a spinal adjustment to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine, there may be far reaching effects on your pain, especially for back, neck or sciatica. This improved functionality and spinal health may generate a new climate, helping to treat headaches, allergies and insomnia.

Feeling the Difference

Now you may find your body has new energy. Mornings are easier and days flow better. You can begin to think about ongoing wellness visits to monitor your health and prevent future pain. This could lead to a new diet, better workouts, or relaxation exercises to let go of stress.

At work you might break up long seated sessions with stretching exercises or short morning and afternoon walks.

New wellness patterns can take all sorts of new  directions. You’ll know which ones work best for you. The important thing will be to continue to take care of your body to avoid future shoulder, neck or back pain.

I have many friends and relatives who have used chiropractic assistance for all sorts of painful challenges. Ranging from neck to back to knee pain, they often needed immediate help, and got it at their local chiropractors. With ongoing help they made their way back to their normal routines.

Find Out More at the Joint

Stop by the Joint Chiropractic and get started. The Joint makes it easy with a no appointment needed policy. They have replaced insurance with affordable payment programs, and they offer weekday, evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule. See you there.


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